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bucket list [29 Dec 2007|10:11pm]
live on a sailboat for a month
build a house in a third world country
read 20 books in 1 summer
norcal-socal-arizona-nevada-seattle road trip (planned for summer of 2011)
kayak alone in the ocean (done.)
see an aurora borealis with my own eyes
a good picture of myself in a public place (done)
tell beyonce to her face that i look better than her
prepare an entire meal of food grown on my own
taste the spiciest pho soup at the LA farmers market
ride an airplane high (done)
sundance film festival
cannes film festival
glastonbury music festival, england
finish college (graduation in 2011)
finish graduate school (still deciding on a program)
leave this country (2013)
smoke with a celebrity (done.)
write a short memoir
thank daniel (done)
vegetarian for a month (done)
vegetarian for a year (done)
21 day vegan challenge (in progress 2011)
run a half marathon
join the mile high club
visit the cradle of civilization- the middle east
go on an african safari
drive a classic car
marry the boy of my dreams
yoga every day for a week without quitting
start a bar fight
solo trip along high way 1 (done)
move out of my parents house forever (done.)
work for a fortune 500 company (done)
get more tattoos
hate men more (done)
be more hardcore (work in progress)
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